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Zara Cowan

New Sentencing Guidelines for Drugs Offences

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The 1 st April 2021 will see updated and new sentencing guidelines for some drug offences come into force. These will apply to all cases sentenced on or after 1 st April 2021. The updated and new guidelines are designed to take into consideration...

Mental Disorders and Sentencing - New Guidelines

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A new guideline for sentencing offenders with mental disorders, developmental disorders and neurological impairments has recently come into force. The new guidelines provide transparency and clarity for sentencing offenders with development disorders,...

I have been accused of Rape. How is a Rape Investigated?

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It is regularly reported in the newspapers that the number of Rape prosecutions are falling. Early this year in order to identify areas for improvement the Crown Prosecution Service published a five-year strategy to look at all aspects of how Rape cases are...