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Completing Conveyancing Protocol forms

Selling your House can be a stressful time, with many forms and documents which you will be required to complete which will be unfamiliar to you.

Below we will break down the 3 main forms used when selling your property and explain what each form is used for.

TA6- Property Information Form

This form is completed by the seller to provide as much detailed information as possible to prospective buyers.

Once completed it will provide information such as

-who maintains the boundaries at the property

-whether any alterations have been carried out to the property and whether planning or building regulations approvals were obtained.

-any disputes and complaints

-any notices or proposals that you are aware of

-any guarantees and warranties that are available with the property

-whether the property is insured and whether there are special terms. -whether any flooding has occurred

-if there are any rights or informal arrangements over neighbouring property or vice-versa.

-whether there are any occupiers at the property

-when the heating and electricity were installed and last tested at the property

-details of utility suppliers

-some indication of the Seller’s moving dates

Please do ensure the form is completed as fully as possible and to the best of your knowledge as the Buyer will rely on it when deciding whether to proceed. Do not try to hide any relevant information

When you are completing the form, if you have indicated that you hold planning or building regulations consents, guarantee, warranties, service records, etc do provide these documents as soon as you are able to as these will be required.

Completing this form  will give the prospective buyers a better indication of the property they are buying and what to expect of the property.

TA7 – Leasehold Information Form (leasehold properties only)

This form will always be required to be completed when selling a leasehold property.

The form provides specific leasehold information to the buyers such as:

-details of landlord

-details of any management company

-details of ground rent payable

-details of service charge payable

-information about and responsibility for arranging the buildings insurance on the property.

-details of any notices received- from the landlord or about the building, its condition or its repair and maintenance

-any consents given by the landlord

-any complaints received from the landlord

-any alterations done to the property

Please note with a leasehold property a leasehold management pack will be required. The pack contains information about the freehold management of the property, or block, ground rent and service charge.  The pack will be part of the leasehold enquires that buyer’s solicitor will raise.

The pack will come at a fee which is set by the freeholder or Management Company. It is best to obtain the pack early in the transaction as the pack can take weeks to be received.

TA10- Fixtures and Fittings Form

This form will provide details of items that will be included and excluded within the sale of the property.

Any items that are not included in the sale price but can be purchased by the buyers at an additional cost can be listed here.  For example you can list a washing machine or other white goods for an additional cost which will be added on to the purchase price.

Please note if any items ae offered for an additional price and they are not required by the buyer then they would need to be removed from the property.

Our friendly and professional Conveyancing Team at Johnson Astills can assist you in you in your next purchase  and provide you with further information regarding the conveyancing process or any queries you may have. Please contact us at our Leicester Office or Loughborough Office on 0116 2554855 or 01509 610312