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Land Registry Update 2021 - The Future

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This year HM Land Registry have introduced several innovative improvements to the registration and application process with a view to adjust and adapt to become more accessible to the public. This is mainly due to the need of the conveyancing process to be more online focused with the issues we have faced in the conveyancing process in a post Covid world.

Electronic Signatures

The use of electronic signatures had been implemented during the initial lockdown measures in 2020 allowing electronic signatures to be registrable for the first time in the history of the Land Registry. Previously all original documents needed to be uploaded with each application either on the Land Registry portal or physically in the post. This change was a necessity, but it also allows the process to be futureproof. This was seen during 2020 where the sign your mortgage deed electronically service was utilised to great success to allow homeowners to remortgage easily.

The main advantages of digital signatures are that they can be machine read meaning this can compliment the new automated system at the Land Registry, signatures can be validated electronically through online verification of the signatory and most importantly it is environmentally friendly as it eliminates the need for paper.

Automation in the registration process

The Land Registry has provided a vision of ultimately becoming completely digital, leading to a faster data-led conveyancing process. This will allow caseworkers at the Land Registry to focus on more technical aspects of the application process which requires more expert oversight. The systems that the Land Registry are building is going to be modelled on Land Registries such as Australia and New Zealand where the application process is almost real time. Reliability is the key in building this system as integrity and accuracy of the information being scrutinised must be of the highest standard.

For more information on this please see HM Land Registry’s Blog:

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