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World Mental Health Day

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10th October 2021 – World Mental Health Day. #pinitforformentalhealth

Mental health is something that people are often scared to talk about or feel silly for doing so. This should never be the case. The conversation around mental health is always difficult. Mental health isn’t visible and can often be dismissed as you cannot physically see an issue, but this thought pattern needs approaching and changing.

1 in 4 people will at some point in their life suffer with a mental health issue with 1 in 8 suffering with a mental health issue each week. These are high number and are rising.

World Mental Health Day this year is focusing on mental health in an unequal world. Research has been undertaken that shows that those who are already under stress or struggling with their own challenges are more likely to have mental health issues. This has become more prevalent during Covid and the pandemic. As such, a £2 million Covid Response Programme has been launched to help those who have been struggling the most with mental health during the toughest of times.

A number of well-known people have taken a stand against discrimination against mental health to try and encourage us to understand mental health rather than ignore it. These people include Megan Markle, Prince Harry, Ryan Reynolds and Adele. They all have their own experiences of mental health issues and want to encourage others to speak out too and not suffer in silence.

There is help available if you need it and below are some links so that you can access that help:

  1. The Hub of Hope – this offers a list of services for a variety of issues that are local to you.​

  1. NHS – the link can take you to a page that will personalise the help you need to get you to the right support

  1. Mind – a mental health charity

At Johnson Astills we have designated staff who are there to help with any mental health issues and are always available for a chat or a coffee. We hope you are all taking care of yourselves and having some “me time” that is so precious. Our offices are still operating remotely, and we can still be contacted on either 0116 2554855 or 01509 610312.