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Sentencing for sexual offending involving a "sting" operation

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From 31st May 2022, the sentencing guidelines for child sexual offences where no child existed or is harmed will be revised.

What are the changes?

The new guidelines coming into force provide Judges and Magistrates with guidance on how to sentence offenders where there is intended sexual harm, even though there is not actually a victim, for example in sting operations.

These sting operations are usually run online by police forces and paedophile hunter groups. 

The Courts will now have to identify the category of harm on the basis of the sexual activity the offender intended. In current guidelines, where someone was caught in a sting, the sentence would be lower because of the absence of an affected child. This will however no longer be the case.

The new guidelines will cover commissioning a child sex offence, even where no sexual activity has taken place or there is no child victim. They will also cover causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual abusive.

How can we help?

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