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Care and Supervision Order Legal Aid

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If Social Services are concerned that a child has suffered or is at risk of significant harm they can ask the Court to grant a Care Order or a Supervision Order. How can you get help if they make this application?

A Care Order is an Order that if granted gives Social Services enhanced parental responsibility for a child. The parents/carers will still have parental responsibility for the child but Social Services will be able to make decisions on behalf of the child, e.g. where they live, even if the parent/carer does not agree with this.

A Supervision Order is an Order that gives Social Services a duty to advise, assist and befriend the child. Social Services will not have parental responsibility if this Order is granted.

If you are the parent or have parental responsibility for a child and Social Services have told you that they intend to ask the Court to grant either of these Orders you will automatically be entitled to Legal Aid. This means that the care team at Emery Johnson Astills can represent you at Court and advise you within the care proceedings for free.

If you have a child living with you that you do not have parental responsibility for, or are a family member that wishes to become part of the court proceedings you may still qualify for Legal Aid – this will depend on your financial and personal situation.

Here at Emery Johnson Astills, we have a wealth of experience of acting for parents/carers within care proceedings. If you would like to find out if you are eligible for Legal Aid, you can contact Emery Johnson Astills’ care department on 0116 255 4855.