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Time to end the blame game....

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The Law Society of England & Wales responded last week to a government consultation on 'no-fault' divorce saying  that removing blame from the divorce process will allow separating couples to focus on what really matters.

The Law Society president Christina Blacklaws said “The current requirement for divorcing couples in England and Wales to allege one of five fault-based facts exacerbates conflict between separating partners. It makes it much harder for separating parents to focus their minds on the needs of their children when making child arrangements. Introducing ‘no fault’ divorce would change the way couples obtain a divorce – for the better.”

As yet, these are proposals and are yet to come into practice. Introducing ‘no fault’ divorce would be beneficial to couples, as due to widespread cuts in the justice system (introduced in 2013) legal problems such as divorce can often escalate when early legal advice isn’t readily available.

Due to cuts in legal aid, more and more people have been forced to ‘do it yourself’, finding themselves in Court as a Litigant in Person dealing with procedures they are not familiar with and trying to sort out the future of their children, family home and finances.

Here at Emery Johnson Astills, we believe it is essential that couples who are already going through an emotional and difficult time are supported throughout the whole divorce process. Our Emery Johnson Astills’ Family Team are dedicated and caring and will be able to provide you with expert legal advice. For more information on the members of the Family Team, please visit our people page.  For further information or to arrange an appointment, contact us on 0116 255 4855 (Leicester) or 01509 601 312 (Loughborough).