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Probate fee hike delay

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In order to obtain a Grant of Representation from the Probate Registry (which includes a Grant of Probate), an application fee must be paid. The application fee is currently a flat fee of £155 if a Solicitor makes the application or £215 if the application is not made through a Solicitor. If the estate is under £5,000, there is no fee.

The fee system was set to change from April 2019 to a sliding scale linked to the value of the estate. Estates under £50,000 will be exempt from paying the fee with estates over £2,000,000 having to fork out a staggering £6,000. The fee increase has been widely opposed  and has been dubbed a “stealth tax”. It is thought that the fee is disproportionate to the Probate Registry’s actual costs which regardless of the size of the estate, are the same.  

The rise in the cost of probate has been delayed and it is thought that this is due to Brexit eating into Parliamentary time. No date has been fixed for a parliamentary motion in the House of Commons. Once there has been an approval motion in the House of Commons, the Probate Fees Order will be made and the new fees will come into force 21 days after the making of the Order. As the new cost structure has not yet been approved, the probate fee remains the same.

Obtaining death certificates and applying for a Grant of Representation (“Probate”) are just two aspects of administering an estate. At Emery Johnson Astills, we can assist you with the administration of an estate from start to finish.

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