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Release under Investigation a Review to be made

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When arrested by Police, there are various different outcomes, one of which is to release under investigation pending further enquiries which need to be conducted, this outcome is used instead of releasing on police bail. However, unlike police bail there are not any time limits or conditions imposed and investigations can become lengthy. Here at Johnson Astills we offer 24 hours police station advice, should you find yourself arrested.

The Law Society have confirmed the decision to release suspects under investigation will be reviewed after they have campaigned for the decision to be reconsidered. They are calling on the Government to improve RUI by introduction a range of measures including time limits on their usage and ensuring it is not used for people who are a potential risk.

The Law Society have stated there is evidence that there are people being released under investigation who are potentially a risk to victims of crime and the public in general, rather than being put on bail as would be more appropriate. This particularly impacts on victims, who may be targeted again by the same perpetrator.

The decision to review RUI to impose time limits would ensure suspects released under investigation would know a specific time period for any disposal decisions to be made, given suspects reassurance that their case will be dealt with expeditiously and to ensure a decision is made within a reasonable timescale. Suspects currently find themselves released under investigation with no timescales as to when their case may conclude, which at Johnson Astills we understand can be a worrying and anxious process. We also ensure that we follow up the police by contacting them on regular basis in order to confirm whether they have reached a decision regarding the investigation, to try and expedite the process. 

Johnson Astills who specialise in criminal defence are able to deal with criminal cases from investigation state through to any potential court cases. Should you find yourself released under investigation by the police for any pending criminal matter, contact Johnson Astills at our Leicester or Loughborough offices who are able to provide specialist legal advice.