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Solidarity Statement

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Johnson Astills join many people and organisations across the globe. We stand in solidarity with our Black and Ethnic Minority clients and colleagues and stand by our commitment to challenge discrimination and racism wherever we find it. We know that many others are adopting this approach and that only in a collective struggle can we effect meaningful change.

We’re proud of the work we do at Johnson Astills both within our organisation and across the legal sector. We, alongside many others, seek justice for people who are at a disadvantage. It is a privilege to represent these clients and to play a small part in their journeys. Johnson Astills will continue to fight with them, in hope of a fairer, better and more equal world.

We make it clear that we do not condone violence, rioting and looting, however, we at Johnson Astills join many others who have been shocked to the core over the past few weeks, by the devastating reminders that systemic racism continues here in the UK as well as across the world.

We understand that the impact of these events and the structures which cause them is amplified for our Black and Ethnic Minority clients and colleagues, and we stand alongside them.

The last few weeks have been a reminder that the world should and can do more, both individually and collectively, within our formal work and beyond, to dismantle and challenge racist structures around us. We understand that the responsibility is on us all to listen more actively, learn more, and to take action where we can to counter racism and its impact by speaking out and taking action when needed, using privilege when others cannot, making sure conversations and actions centre on those most affected.