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Why did I decide to become an Apprentice?

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What were my options?

When choosing my options to further my career, I knew going to University was not the right path for me. I wanted to look at all of my options to see what other routes were available to me. Law and society has always appealed to me, but I did not necessarily want to jump in at the deep end and study either subject at University. During my final year of A-levels, I completed a week of work experience at a Law firm in Leicester. I really enjoyed being involved in a team working environment, and also learning how businesses operate on a day to day basis. This is what persuaded me to discover what becoming an apprentice would involve.

How I applied for my Apprenticeship

I applied for my apprenticeship through an online website and uploaded my CV electronically. It was a really easy process, exactly as if you were applying for a place at University. The Apprenticeship Training Provider invited me to take part in  a telephone interview. My interview comments were then passed to a firm of Solicitors Emery Johnson Astills, and I was invited in for a face-to-face interview at their office. It was a good experience to have both a telephone interview and face-to-face interview to boost my confidence for future interviews. The interviews were completed over a short period of time, and before I knew it I was offered the job! I am the first Apprentice that Emery Johnson Solicitors have taken, which is a privilege for me to be a part of.

What can you gain by being an Apprentice?

I am very pleased that I took the route of becoming an Apprentice as it has opened up many opportunities that I did not realise you could gain by completing an Apprenticeship. It has allowed me to earn whilst learning new skills and also gaining a recognised qualification. Every day is a new challenge. Emery Johnson Astills have supported me and provided me with all the information and resources I need to complete my Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration qualification.

What does being an Apprentice at Emery Johnson Astills involve?

My day to day job involves working in a team environment, often completing tasks within tight deadlines. I currently work within the Care Department which is the largest team in the firm. There are many opportunities to progress within this department, but also within the firm. By working in the Care Department I get the chance to take client bundles to Court in readiness for their upcoming hearings. I prepare client bundles to ensure that all the case documents are prepared and ready for fee-earners to use at Court. These are all a new experiences for me and ones which I thoroughly enjoy and ones which will help me develop my skills to further my career progression.

How does my Apprenticeship work and how do I learn?

The majority of my working week is deemed as learning ‘on-the-job’.  This involves me completing the tasks assigned to my role as an Administration Assistant.  However, as part of the Apprenticeship qualification, I also complete what is known as ‘off-the-job’ training. This is when I experience additional elements of business administration and learn new roles within the business which will not only help me in my current role, but will also help me in my future role. For me, ‘Off the job training’ could include taking calls on reception, speaking to clients and attending internal and external meetings. This is a great opportunity for me to meet new people and gain new skills that I will able to use throughout my career.

I know completing this apprenticeship, will help me throughout my career and provide me with essential skills in the future. I hope to continue working for Emery Johnson Astills at the end of my Apprenticeship and progress within the business.

By Bethany Barton