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Change in Court fees

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Generally, when an application is made to the Court a Court fee is required. As of 30th September 2021, the HMCTS have raised their Court fees in respect of Family matters. Therefore, the Court fees are now:

Divorce Petition                                              £593

Consent Order                                                 £53

Financial Remedy Proceedings                    £275

Children Act Application                                £232

Enforcement for Children Act                       £232

Any other application                                     £167

This increase will affect anyone making an application to the Court. The court will not process an application until the Court fee has been paid.

If you are in receipt of benefits or on a low income, then it is always worth exploring if you can get any Help With Fees. In order to access Help With Fees you must complete a financial form called an EX160. It is possible to complete an online assessment for Help With Fees on the government website. If you can access Help With Fees, then you will be given a code to input in the application form.

The Government will assess your financial circumstances in accordance with the Help With Fees form and they decide one of three outcomes:

  • You are not eligible for Help With Fees and must pay the full Court fee
  • You are eligible for Help With Fees and must pay a contribution to the Court fee. You will be told how much you will need to pay
  • You are eligible for Help With Fees and do not have to pay anything towards the Court fee

It is always worth looking to see if you are eligible for Help With Fees using the following link:

At Johnson Astills we offer fixed fee packages for many family matters to assist you in any applications that you may need to make. If you want to find out more, please visit the following links which explain the services we can offer you

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