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Divorce Loans

At Johnson Astills we recognise that it is important to have the reassurance of funding arrangements in place as soon as possible.  Money may be tied up in matrimonial assets and cannot be released or your income is insufficient to support what might be lengthy and expensive court proceedings.  As such we have finance arrangements in place with the following:

Novitas is a divorce litigation loan service who can provide a loan facility to help pay the legal costs of people going through a divorce.  They will fund financial cases for couples divorcing and related children disputes as well as collaborative, mediation and tolata cases. 

Key features

  • Pre-approval of funding – loan approved all the way to final hearing, but interest only due on what is drawn down by your solicitor
  • Fixed sums – the loan amounts are fixed to each stage of the proceedings so you know exactly what you have to work with
  • Immediate lending decisions – clearly defined, simple lending criteria
  • Flexible timing – use the loan at any point during the proceedings
  • No cash outlay – the interest and set up fee are rolled into the loan
  • A simple and transparent charging structure – regular statements will keep you informed of what you owe at any point so there are no surprises
  • A lending rate that is fixed for the whole duration of the loan
  • No exit or early redemption penalties

Further information can be obtained by contacting the Family Team at Johnson Astills.  Alternatively, the website for Novitas Loans is www.novitasloans.co.uk.

Iceberg is another divorce litigation loan service which allows clients to finance the cost of their divorce legal fees and disbursements (subject to status) for up to 36 months, or until their case is completed if sooner.

Interest is only charged in relation to the value of the costs actually paid from the account, currently calculated at a rate of 1.5% per month. Clients are expected to make monthly minimum payments. They can also choose to pay more than the minimum payment or repay the entire balance at any stage without penalty, which would reduce the amount of interest they pay. The account is then due for repayment in full once a settlement has been reached (or a Consent Order has been made). The account can be used at any stage of the proceedings and covers costs in relation to all aspects of divorce.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the Family Team at Johnson Astills.  Alternatively, the website for Iceberg is www.clientcredit.co.uk.

Please note, the Novitas and Iceberg lending scheme is not “recommended” by Johnson Astills.  The schemes are two funding options potentially available to you and you should explore other sources of borrowing and other finance options that Johnson Astills can offer, to decide which is the best choice for you.