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At Johnson Astills your Solicitor can help you in all manner of ways with the legal aspects of your case from co-habitation agreement or pre-nuptial agreement at the beginning of a relationship or if you are already married, we can put a post-nuptial agreement in place.

At Johnson Astills we support same sex couples entering into Civil Partnerships and guide prospective parents through adoption and donor conception agreements, for the happiest of life’s occasions.

At Johnson Astills we are solicitors with extensive years of qualification and experience and therefore understand and recognise how emotionally difficult separation and divorce is for our clients and how challenging life may seem.  We do not profess to be able to make everything alright straightaway but we will work hard to make life better, to support you emotionally and to see a future after divorce.

We are confident you will be happy with the service and support you receive, however if you wish to ‘try us out’ please book a first appointment with us so we can discuss your situation with you in more detail and demonstrate how we can help.

For friendly, expert family law advice, please contact our local offices in Leicester and Loughborough.

Specialist family law services we offer

Our expert family lawyers in Leicestershire offer a number of specialist legal services, as well as assisting clients with all aspects of divorce and relationship breakdown.

Pre-Nuptial Agreement Solicitors

While some people may think it’s not very romantic to put in place legal protections for when their marriage fails, pre-nuptial agreements are becoming increasingly common for all sorts of couples for a number of reasons.

With so many people now marrying later in life or remarrying, it is common for one or both partners to have their own home and other assets, as well as children from previous relationships. A pre-nuptial agreement can allow you to make sure your interests and those of your loved ones are protected if your new relationship doesn’t work out, giving peace of mind for the future.

Our specialist pre-nuptial agreements solicitors can help you agree sensible provisions with your partner to protect both of you in the event that either of you were to decide to separate. We can keep this processes amicable, preventing any potential damage to your relationship, while making sure your pre-nup meets the necessary standard to be considered by a judge if this is ever required.

Cohabitation Solicitors

An increasing number of couples now live together without getting married or entering a civil partnership. While this works for lots of people, it can create issues if you ever separate, as you will have no legal rights towards each other’s property, savings, pensions or other assets.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as ‘common law marriage’, so unmarried couples really do need to consider what would happen if their relationship ended. This is especially true if you own a property together, one of you lives in a property the other owns, or you have children together.

A co-habitation agreement allows you to set out exactly what will happen if your relationships ends, for example, what percentages of any shared property you both own and any financial settlement one party will pay to the other. It can also clarify important issues during your relationship, such as what amount each party is expected to make to mortgage payments and other household costs.

Adoption & Donor Conception Solicitors

Adopting or using donor conception can be a way to start a family or expand your existing family, but there are various processes you will need to go through which can be confusing and intimidating.

Our family lawyers are highly experienced in guiding clients through all of the legal issues involved in adoption, donor conception and co-parenting, so can help make pursuing these options as simple and stress-free as possible.

Forced Marriage Solicitors

We have significant experience in supporting individuals and families who are worried about forced marriage or where someone has been subjected to a forced marriage. We offer sympathetic, practical support to protect you and your loved ones in even the most difficult circumstances.

If you believe you or a loved one are at risk of forced marriage, we can use a Forced Marriage Protection Order (FMPO) to protect the victim e.g. by preventing them from being taken outside of the UK.  FMPOs can also be used where someone has already been forced into a marriage to help remove them from the marriage and protect them from any negative consequences, including intimidation and violence from family members.

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Our family law solicitors provide straightforward, sympathetic legal advice and support to clients across Leicestershire and the East Midlands from our 2 local offices in Leicester and Loughborough.

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