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Wills, Probate and Lasting Powers of Attorney


At Johnson Astills we believe that everybody should have a Will as it allows you to take control of how your estate is distributed after your death. Where there is no Will the Intestacy Rules will apply and you might be surprised at what they say. The result may not be what you intend and may leave your loved ones in a difficult financial position.

Our team will take full details of your family and financial circumstances so that you can be advised as to the appropriate provisions that can be included your Will to safeguard the future of your loves ones. These may include:-

  • Appointment of executors and guardians
  • Individual gifts
  • Gifts to charities
  • Trust for minors/disabled children’s trusts
  • Rights of occupation/gifts for life 
  • Ultimate distribution of your estate
  • Trustee powers

We will draft a Will for you (and if required, for you and your Partner - these are sometimes known as Mirror Wills). We will incorporate your instructions into a legally binding document. We will consider your inheritance tax position taking into account your circumstances and can provide you with basic inheritance tax advice or refer you to a tax expert for comprehensive advice.

We register all Wills with Certainty which is the national Will register and we also store them for you free of charge.

As your circumstances change, you should always consider whether your Will needs to be updated. Changes in your circumstances may include marriage, divorce or having children.

Our team are happy to visit your house, residential home or hospital, appreciating that it is not always possible to come in to the office. Contact us today for advice or to find out more about our Will service and our charges. We prepare the majority of Wills on a fixed fee basis.

Dealing with an estate

When a loved one dies, it may be left to you to deal with their estate whether or not they made a Will. At Johnson Astills our team can help you with all stages of administering the estate including:-

  • Preparing and submitting an inheritance tax return
  • Drafting the Oath for Personal Representatives
  • Making an application for a Grant of Representation to the Probate Registry
  • Dealing with HMRC and DWP
  • Collecting in assets and settling liabilities
  • Preparing estate accounts
  • Distribution of the estate
  • Administering ongoing trusts

We will try to make the process as straight forward as possible for you at what is, inevitably, a difficult time.

Trust us to look after your interests

Our aim is to provide on ongoing service to families in changing circumstances and if your needs or the needs of a loved one change over time, our team of solicitors have specialist knowledge to help make sense of it all. Please contact us for further information.