Fixed Fee Child Arrangements Package

Need help getting child arrangements in place following separation?

When getting divorced or separating when you have children, it is essential to make appropriate arrangements for their future. Our  family solicitors offer fixed fee packages to cover a range of scenarios commonly involved in making child arrangements following separation.

We offer four different fixed priced child arrangements packages to suit your needs:

  • Applying for a Consent Order to make a voluntary agreement legally binding with no Court Hearing: £ £1012; Applying for a Consent Order to make a voluntary agreement legally binding which requires a Court Hearing, if the Court determines a Hearing is necessary: £ 1,612
  • Applying for a Child Arrangements Order & first hearings: £2,032
  • Responding to Cafcass recommendations & second hearings: £2,400
  • Representation for a Final Hearing for a Child Arrangements Order: £3,000

You can read more about these different packages and exactly what they include below.

We can work with you through email, over the phone, via video conferencing or in person (where appropriate in line with current government COVID-19 guidelines).

Confused about making child arrangements or any other part of divorce proceedings? We also offer a fixed fee initial consultation to talk you through how divorce works, your legal rights and what you can expect to achieve.

Our fixed fee child arrangements packages

Fixed fee child arrangements Consent Order applications

If you have agreed child arrangements voluntarily, you may wish to make the terms you have agreed legally binding to give you certainty for the future. We can help you do this by applying to a Court for a Consent Order.

For a fixed price of £1012 (inc VAT)  if there is no Court Hearing and £1,612 (inc VAT) if the Court determines a Hearing is required, our friendly, expert  family solicitors will guide you through applying for a Consent Order for your child arrangements. We will ensure every detail is taken care of, making the process much simpler and less stressful for you.

This fixed price includes:

  • Legal Fees: £ £650.00/£1,150.00
  • VAT: £ £130.00/£230.00
  • Court Fees: £232.00
  • Total: £  £1,012.00/£1,612.00

Our fixed fee Consent Order applications packages include:

  • Drafting the Consent Order or advice on a Consent Order prepared by your spouse’s solicitor
  • All correspondence between you, your spouse and the court
  • Up to 1 hour of consultation (by phone, video conferencing, email or in person as appropriate)
  • The court fee for submitting the Consent Order
  • Representation at Court if required

Fixed fee Child Arrangements Order applications

If you are unable to agree voluntary arrangements for your children, you will need to apply to a court for a Child Arrangements Order and attend a first hearing at a family court.

For a fixed fee of £2,032.00, we can guide you through the whole application process and attend the first hearing with you.

This fixed price includes:

  • Legal Fees: £1,500.00
  • VAT: £300.00
  • Court Fee: £232.00
  • Total: £2,032.00

Our fixed fee Child Arrangements Order application package includes:

  • All correspondence between you, your spouse and the court until the first hearing is complete
  • Drafting the application
  • Filing the application with the relevant court
  • Serving the papers (by post) on all respondents (for urgent matters there may be an additional fee if it is necessary to arrange personal service upon the respondents)
  • Attendance at the First Hearing

These fixed fees will be charged subject to an initial fixed fee appointment to discuss your options.  In the event you then decide to instruct us for a fixed fee package, the cost of the initial fixed fee appointment you have paid will be deducted from the costs of the fixed fee package.

Fixed fee support for dealing with Cafcass recommendations

If you do not reach agreement after the first hearing, the Court will consider whether the  Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass) or the Local Authority should prepare a report  with recommendations for child arrangements.

You will need to review these recommendations and decide how to respond, then attend a second court hearing where they will be considered.

For a fixed fee of £2,400 (inc VAT), we can advise you on the Cafcass recommendations and guide you through making your response.

This fixed price includes:

  • Legal Fees: £2,000.00
  • VAT: £400.00
  • Total: £2,400.00

Our fixed fee Cafcass recommendations advice package includes:

  • Liaising with Cafcass
  • Advising you on the Cafcass recommendations
  • Preparation of Court Bundles (if necessary) prior to the second hearing
  • All correspondence between you, your spouse and the court until the second hearing is complete
  • Attendance at the subsequent review hearing
  • Requesting a final hearing from the court where an agreement cannot be reached
  • Drafting a Child Arrangements Consent Order where an agreement has been reached

Fixed fee representation for Child Arrangements Order Final Hearings

If you are unable to reach an agreement after the second hearing, we can support you through the process of dealing with a Final Hearing where child arrangements will be set out by the court in a Child Arrangements Order.

For a fixed fee of £3000,00 (inc VAT), we can guide you through every stage of the Final Hearing proceedings for your Child Arrangements Order, giving you the best chance of achieving an outcome that works for you and your children.

This fixed price includes:

  • Legal Fees:  £2,500.00
  • VAT:  £500.00

Total: £3,000.00

Our fixed Child Arrangements Order Final Hearing package includes:

  • All correspondence between you, your spouse and the court until the final hearing is complete
  • Preparation of statements
  • Arranging a barrister for your hearing (if needed)
  • Instructing your barrister

You may also need to instruct a barrister to represent you at the final hearing, which will incur an additional cost on top of our fixed fee. You will be given a cost estimate in advance for your barrister’s fee, which, dependent upon the level of experience of your Barrister and the length of the final hearing, is likely to be in the region of £750.00 to £1,500.00 + VAT.

If it is agreed that a Barrister is not needed, then we will discuss fixed fee packages for one of our solicitors to represent you.

We have links with a number of specialist barristers, so can help you find the best available representation.

What is not included in our Fixed Fee Packages?

  • Urgent applications/complicated cases
  • Disbursements, e.g. Police Disclosure, drug/alcohol testing, experts’ reports, etc.
  • Barrister’s fees
  • Additional Court Hearings

Paying for your child arrangements package

When you choose one of our fixed fee child arrangements packages, you will be required to pay the full fee in advance for the package you have opted to take.

Why choose Johnson Astills?

At Johnson Astills, our expert team of family lawyers have many years of experience helping families and individuals to successfully navigate every part of getting divorced during what can be very challenging times.

Our leading expertise in family law has been independently recognised with accreditation by the Law Society in Family Law Advanced and Children Law.

Several of our family law team are members of Resolution, including Emma Mitchell and Joanne Donald. Resolution is an organisation of specialist family lawyers committed to reducing conflict in family law through methods such as collaborative law.

Emma Mitchell is a trained Collaborative Lawyer, allowing us to offer this highly effective and popular method of dispute resolution for divorce finances and arrangements for children.

We are Lexcel accredited by the Law Society for the high standards of our legal practices and are independently regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

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