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Can my court hearing be filmed and shown on TV?

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Serious high-profile criminal cases can now be seen and heard by TV and online audiences after new Legislation was laid before parliament on 16th January 2020. This marks a huge change as filming has only been permitted in some Court of Appeal cases since 2013.

What criminal cases can be filmed?

The Crown Court (Recording and Broadcasting) Order 2020 will allow High Court and Senior Circuit Judges to be filmed giving their full sentencing remarks in Murder, Sexual offences, Terrorism and other serious high-profile criminal cases in Crown Courts in England and Wales for the first time.

Will my trial be shown on TV?

The trial will not be televised only the sentencing. This is due to concerns that televising trials could deter victims, witnesses and jurors from taking part. It is imagined that the Judge’s sentencing remarks will be filmed for use in news broadcasts and will be posted on a website to which the public will have access.

The reasoning behind this is to allow people to see the sentences Judges pass on convicted criminals and to understand why they interpret the law and guidelines the way they do in each case. It also allows for people to understand the constraints under which Judges work and the complexities of many of the more serious, high-profile cases.

If my case is filmed will I be seen on camera?

The Judge will be seen alone on camera as the sentence is delivered, no one else involved in the trial i.e. victims, witnesses, jurors, lawyers, Court staff or the convicted defendant will be filmed.

I am due to appear in Court, where can I get help and advice?

Our Crime Team at Johnson Astills are highly experienced and can deal with all offences no matter how complex. We may be able to make an application to the Legal Aid Agency on your behalf to cover the costs of your case, if you are eligible. Alternatively, where Legal Aid is not available, we offer competitive fixed fees.

If you would like to discuss your Court appearance and your funding options please contact our Crime Team. You can do this by calling us at our Leicester office on 0116 255 4855 or our Loughborough office on 01509 610 312. Alternatively you can send us your enquiry via email at