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Can the Police hack into my phone without me knowing?

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You will see from recent news the answer is yes! The National Crime Agency have today announced that they have successfully penetrated a top secret communications system commonly used for illegal activity. 

How will the police know to find me from my phone?

The operation, which lasted over three months and involved police forces across the UK has resulted in 746 UK arrests, including two law enforcement officers. In addition to this the operation as lead to £13.3m in cash being seized by the Police.

It has been said that the national lockdown has worked in favour of the police as many more suspects were at home when they were raided.

What can the Police find out from my phone?

The hacking of the network has allowed the disruption of criminal activities including violent attacks, corruption, attempted murders and large-scale drug transports.

According to the Police, the hack has also identified a plot by an international drugs and firearms gang to shoot dead a member of a rival network. It managed to prevent the shooting by arresting an individual for conspiracy to murder and seizing a loaded pistol, which was believed to be the planned murder weapon.

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