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Important Things to Remember After You Move Home

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The process of moving home can be exhausting and exciting all at the same time. However, once you have received the keys to the property there is still some important work that needs to carried out to the property. You will need to hold back on opening that champagne until the following is considered:

  1. Insurance

When you are in the process of purchasing a property your Solicitor will advise that you must obtain building insurance quotes. Building insurance must be in place on the date of exchange of contracts. You must also ensure you have taken out contents insurance for the property.

If you are renting a property, the Landlord usually deals with the building insurance.

  1. Council Tax

You will need to ensure you contact your local council to let them know you have moved into a new area. The local council will then register your details and send you a Council Tax bill. Information will also be provided on how and when to pay.

If the property you have moved into does not have a council tax band, you will need to let the local council know. They will arrange for the property to be assessed. Council tax differs depending on the size of your property and where you live.

  1. Post

To avoid missing out on important letter or lovely birthday cards, you are able to get your post re-directed from your previous address and sent to your new address. This can be done through the Post Office and they are likely to charge a small fee.

  1. Utilities

One of the first things you should do when moving into your new home is look for the utility meters and take readings. You will need to notify your gas and electric supplier of the new meter readings so that they can provide you with an accurate bill and to ensure you are not over charged. The water supplier will also need to be notified that you have moved into a new area.

  1. TV Licence

If you love watching TV then you will need to ensure you have a TV licence. If you have already paid your TV licence annually then you are able to contact them and let them know you have moved homes and provide them with your new address. Your contract will continue until the next payment is due. 

  1. Registering to Vote

You will need to remember to register again to vote if you still wish to be involved in national and local votes.

  1. Registering with Doctors and Dentists

One of the most important things you need to be aware of when moving into a new home and new area is whether there are local doctor’s and dentist surgeries that are suitable for you. There may be a potential waiting list at some surgeries so it is best to sign with your new address as soon as possible.

  1. Secure your New Home

You must ensure you secure your new home against any unauthorised access. This can be done by changing the locks on all of the outside doors and potentially windows to ensure only you and your family members have access to the property.

It may also be worthwhile installing a burglar alarm and smoke detectors at the property.

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