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Having a drink whilst out on your Scooter, think again....

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Owning an E-Scooter legally is currently difficult, as there are strict rules on any privately owned E-Scooter to be used lawfully on a road or public place. The rider must have insurance, licence, safety equipment and vehicle tax.

The Law

E-Scooters are categorised as a motor vehicle by the Department for Transport. There is not any new legislation to cover specific law in relation to them and therefore Section 185 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 applies. This Act defines a motor vehicle as “any mechanically propelled vehicle intended or adapted for use on roads”.

So not only can people be stopped for driving them, but can also face being arrested and charged for excess alcohol, if found to be riding them, whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Any drink or drug driving conviction carries a minimum driving disqualification of 12 months and financial penalties. In some circumstances the sentence can also be a community order or custodial sentence.

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