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Detectors for using a mobile phone whilst driving

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Forces are rolling out technology that show when motorists are using their phones.

A sign will flash at the driver telling them to stop using their mobile - but the detectors cannot tell if it is a passenger or driver using the phone.

The technology will not be used as an "enforcement tool", but is instead aimed at identifying offending “hotspots” and educating motorists.

How does the technology work?

The system, which cannot record footage, was initially tested in Norfolk last year.

The detector picks up 2G, 3G and 4G signals and will therefore flash to alert people in cars who are using phones to call and/or text.

The detector will recognise if people are using Bluetooth hands-free and not flash.

Drivers caught using a mobile phone while driving will receive six points on their licence and fined £200.

Matt Barber, Themes Valley deputy police and crime commissioner, said the police needed to "make it as socially unacceptable to use your mobile whilst driving as it is to drink and drive".

How we can Help?

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