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What is new to Family Law in 2024?

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As the new year has begun, here is what you can expect to see in the year of 2024.

Media in the Family Court (The Transparency Pilot):

For decades there have been calls for more transparency in Family Courts, predominantly due to Family Judges having the ability to strongly intervene in people’s lives.

On the 30th January 2023, the Transparency Reporting Pilot was launched. This pilot is a scheme initiated by the government to allow reporters into Family Courts. The pilot initially covered three courts, the Central Family Court, Birmingham, and Leeds.

On the 29th January 2024, this was extended to 16 courts across the country. These courts are Liverpool, Manchester, West Yorkshire, Kingston-Upon-Hull, Nottingham, Stoke, Derby, Birmingham, Central Family Court, East London, West London, Dorset, Truro, Luton, Guildford, and Milton Keynes.

The Financial Remedies Court Reporting Pilot also began on the 29th January 2024. This means accredited journalists and bloggers are now allowed to report on financial remedy proceedings in the Central Family Court, Birmingham, and Leeds.

Victim and Prisoners Bill (Jade’s Law):

In January 2024, the Ministry of Justice’s proposed amendments to the Victim and Prisoners Bill moved to the next stage.

The amendments came after Jade Ward was murdered by her husband, Russel Marsh in 2021. He was found guilty of murder and sentenced to a minimum of 25 years in jail. However, whilst in Jail, Russel subjected Jade’s family to further trauma by attempting to contact the family to request for photographs and school reports for his children.

As a result, Jade’s family pushed for a change in the law to remove parental responsibility from convicted offenders. This would mean that those who kill the other parent of their children can no longer seek information about their children or have any input in decisions regarding their children’s lives. Jade’s family succeeded in their campaigns, and a new law was created known as ‘Jade’s Law’, which will be implemented in the UK through a change in the Victim and Prisoners Bill.

Rise in Family Court Fees:

As part of the governments plan to collect an extra £42million per year in court fees, they have suggested there may be a 10% rise in court fees in 2024.

Which Family Courts are likely to increase?

  • Divorce and Financial Order Applications
  • Application for Parental Order
  • Special Guardianship Orders/Application to Apply for adoption

Pre-nuptial Agreements:

Later this year, The Law Commission will revisit their 2014 recommendations to make pre-nuptial agreements binding. This does not mean in 2024 they will become binding, it simply means there may a possibility.

This would mean couples would have increased power in the event of a divorce and would be able to make their own decisions in regard to their finances.

Resolution’s ‘Vision for Family Justice’:

Resolution is a body, made up of family justice professionals that aims to resolve family law issues in a constructive way.

Resolution have recently announced their ‘Vision for Family Justice’ in 2024. The agenda is:

  1. Recognising the changing face of families – an increase in co-habiting couples
  2. Helping families find solutions – by supplying more public funding
  3. Protecting the vulnerable – in particular domestic abuse victims
  4. Ensuring the Family Courts meet the needs of families – new resources
  5. Making family law fit for purpose

As a result, in 2024 these new recommendations are likely to be debated and we could see some change in the laws surrounding these topics.

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