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Languages in House

At Johnson Astills our staff are diversity trained and committed to serving all communities equally.

We have members within our team who are able to speak various languages - 

Mandeep Rai and Sunny Gangar in our property team are both able to speak Punjabi.

Trisha Parmar in our property team is able to speak Gujarati.

Aminah Begum in our practice team is able to speak Bengali and understands a variety of languages including Urdu, Hindi and Gujarati.

Sharon Percival in our family team is able to speak French and understands German.

Nanita Kanabar in our family team is able to speak Hindi and Punjabi.

Should you require legal advice in any of the above languages please contact Johnson Astills.

As such, we can advise clients on English Law by telephone, email or by Skype/Facetime so that wherever you are in the world, you can benefit from our expert legal services.