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Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution Solicitors in Leicester and Loughborough

When legal disputes arise – whether personal or business-related – our focus is on resolution, rather than litigation. But what does this mean for our clients?

Finding the fastest, most cost-effective and least stressful way to resolve your dispute

We take time to understand our clients’ objectives, to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their case, and the potential costs of a court claim. We will consider whether there’s an alternative to court proceedings that will be swifter, less expensive, less stressful, and still conclude positively.

Using alternative dispute resolution to achieve an amicable outcome wherever possible

We will proactively explore the potential for a negotiated settlement, using methods such as constructive negotiation, mediation and ‘round the table’ meetings. This can allow you to reach an amicable solution for even the most complex disputes.

Robust legal representation when court proceedings are necessary

When court action is the appropriate step, our clients can rest assured that their case is pursued robustly and professionally, with regard to the costs involved, to ensure ‘winning’ doesn’t prove to be a hollow victory. This means we advise and assist our clients with empathy and pragmatism. 

Fixed fee initial consultation

We are pleased to offer Fixed Fee Consultations, which give the opportunity to outline a situation and receive some initial advice on the legal position and what you may (or may not) be able to do about it. 

Speak to our dispute resolution solicitors in Leicester and Loughborough

With local offices in Leicester and Loughborough, our dispute resolution team support businesses and individuals throughout Leicestershire and the East Midlands.

To speak to a member of our team, please contact your local Johnson Astills office or use our contact form to request a call back.

Not sure whether you have a case?

We are pleased to offer Fixed Fee Consultations, which give the opportunity to outline a situation and receive some initial advice on the legal position and what you may (or may not) be able to do about it. 

Our usual Fixed Fee is £250 + VAT

How our dispute resolution solicitors can help you or your business

Personal dispute resolution

Our Dispute Resolution team is experienced in advising clients on bringing and defending many types of claim, including:

Property disputes arising out of a relationship breakdown

We can help co-owners determine and realise their share of equity in a property upon a relationship breakdown, helping to achieve a reasonable outcome in an amicable way wherever possible.

Inheritance claims for unmarried couples

Our dispute resolution team regularly help cohabitees to secure reasonable financial provision upon the death of their partner, whether or not their partner had made a will.

Property possession disputes

We can assist landlords with recovering possession of property let under an assured shorthold tenancy. We can also help with recovery of rent arrears.

Probate and estate administration disputes

Our solicitors can help with resolving disputes between executors and/or beneficiaries over the administration of an estate including over what someone may inherit.

Boundary and right of way disputes

We can assist homeowners with disputed boundaries and rights of way, helping to unpick these often complicated and contentious issues.

Commercial dispute resolution

We can assist with a range of contentious business matters, including:

Breach of contract disputes

Our commercial dispute resolution team can assist with recovery of damages for a breach of a commercial agreement.

Shareholder disputes

We can assist with resolving disputes between shareholders in an effective way that protects your rights and the commercial interests of you or your business.

Commercial lease renewals

Our team can assist with applications for new business tenancies at the end of  fixed terms.

We help resolve disputes the right way for you or your business

We recognise that whether you are a business or an individual, being involved in a dispute (whether you are bringing or defending a claim) can be daunting and stressful. Our aim is to provide a service that combines legal expertise with practical support and commercial awareness. 

We will speak to you about the dispute to get a thorough understanding of what is involved, and what your objectives are. We will explain the options available to you using clear language, so that you can reach an informed decision about what you want to do next, and we will help you do it.

We may suggest you attend mediation, where a trained mediator liaises with each party (in confidence) to try and broker a deal between them. If the circumstances are right, we will consider a ‘round table meeting’, where all the parties meet to discuss the dispute and get a chance to say what they feel is needed to conclude it. 

An advantage to our approach is that, if there are court proceedings, you will have demonstrated to the judge that you tried to avoid them, which can affect the amount you pay and recover in legal costs. 

Throughout the progress of the dispute, we will keep the strengths, weaknesses and costs of your case under review, so that as things develop, we react accordingly. 

Our dispute resolution fees

The cost of resolving a legal dispute must always be in proportion to the benefits of the outcome you hope to achieve. As such, we offer a range of options to help you keep tight control over the costs involved.

We offer a fixed fee initial consultation for £250 + VAT as standard. 

We will often suggest a well-drafted ‘Letter before Action’, or ‘Letter of Claim’ as a first step. In many cases, this can be dealt with on the basis of a fixed fee.

Where ongoing support is needed, we will give you clear information on costs, with expenditure agreed in advance.

Why choose our dispute resolution solicitors in Leicester and Loughborough?

At Johnson Astills, our dispute resolution solicitors have many years of experience helping individuals and businesses get the right outcome for their legal disputes under even the most challenging circumstances.

The team is headed by senior solicitor Laura Anderson, who has over a decade of legal experience and brings a clear headed, pragmatic approach and fierce determination to get the best outcome for her clients.

We are Lexcel accredited by the Law Society for the high standards of our legal practices and are independently regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Get in touch with our dispute resolution solicitors in Leicester and Loughborough

For sensible, cost-effective help resolving a personal or business dispute in Leicester, Loughborough and the surrounding areas, please get in touch with a member of our team.

You can contact your local Johnson Astills office or feel free to use our contact form to request a call back.