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Adarsh Patel

What is a Supervision Order?

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A Supervision Order is one of many orders that the Court has the power to grant a Local Authority in Childcare Proceedings under section 35 Children Act 1989. The purpose of a Supervision Order is to impose a duty on the Local Authority to support the...

I received a Letter of Intent to Issue Care Proceedings - What Does This Mean?

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The Local Authority will send you a Letter of Intent to Issue Care Proceedings once they have decided that there are significant concerns regarding the safety of your child/children, and the only way to keep them safe is to seek intervention from the Court....

Can the Police Obtain Information From my Childcare Proceedings?

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Childcare proceedings are confidential, which means the disclosure of information deriving from proceedings is governed by strict rules and protocols. If the Police wish to obtain information from your childcare proceedings, they need to make an application...