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Harriet Starkey

Why you should sort out your matrimonial finances when obtaining a divorce.

  • Posted

When a couple obtain a divorce it is important to have a Financial Order from the Court - more often than not this Order can be agreed, meaning no Court attendance or formal court application. This is necessary, even if the matrimonial finances are limited,...

Domestic abusers could find themselves subject to electronic tags upon release from prison

  • Posted

A new scheme will be launched in the East and West Midlands, which will see offenders that pose a threat to their former partner and/or their children, being subject to electronic tagging. This will help protect victims from further abuse following their...

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

  • Posted

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which is widely recognised as a month to raise awareness about the issue of domestic violence in our society and what can be done to stop it. It is a problem in every culture, religion and race and it can take...

Tougher sentences for domestic killers

  • Posted

In March 2023, it was published that the government has plans to enforce tougher sentences on domestic abusers who kill their current or previous partners. What does this mean for those found guilty of domestic homicide? The law will be changed...

Child Support (Enforcement) Act 2023 and The Child Support Collection (Domestic Abuse) Act 2023

  • Posted

What is this new law? The Child Support (Enforcement) Bill was introduced by MP Siobhan Baillie and Baroness Redfern and received Royal Assent on 20 th July 2023, meaning it is now law. This Act means that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)...