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What is a Legacy Contact?

  • Posted

A Legacy Contact is a person you can choose to access your accounts (e.g. Apple, Instagram or Facebook) after your death. This gives the nominated person access to certain elements of your account and allows them to make decisions as to what steps they take...

What is a Grant of Representation?

  • Posted

When someone dies, in order to access assets held with financial institutions, sell assets, and even pay any debts that the deceased held on their death, a legal document known as a Grant of Representation is required. What are the types of Grant of...

How Do I Appoint a Guardian For My Children In My Will?

  • Posted

What is a Guardian appointed by my Will? If you die leaving children under the age of 18, you can make provision in your Will for who you would like to look after your children if there is no one else with Parental Responsibility. They would then be...

Intestacy Rules - The Increase in Statutory Legacy in 2023

  • Posted

What is Intestacy? Intestacy is where someone dies without a Will, or without a valid Will. The Rules of Intestacy means that a deceased person’s estate will be distributed in accordance with these rules, and this may mean that the estate is not...