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I have been arrested for rape what happens now?

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Being arrested for rape or any sort of sexual offence can be a terrifying experience. Having been through the turmoil of an arrest and interview you find yourself bailed to return to the police station. Of course, you are relieved that you have not been charged and that you have been released from custody but what happens now?

I am on Police Bail does that mean I will be charged?

If you have been released without charge then the Police need to do more work before a decision is made about charge.

What will happen while I am on Police bail?

The police will continue to investigate the matter and that might mean they need to look at phones or laptops. It might be that there are witnesses to speak to, CCTV to consider or they may be waiting for the results of forensic tests. Johnson Astills crime team have huge experience in dealing with police investigations and what might be involved.

I have a bail date what will happen on that date?

You are bailed to return to the police station on a particular date and time. When you answer bail you might be further interviewed or charged but Johnson Astills crime team now that many clients on police bail have their bail extended, often more than once.

How long might I have to wait to know if I am going to be charged with rape?

Our experience shows that police investigations and a decision about whether or not to charge can often take months. This can be an anxious time and Johnson Astills crime team find that clients really benefit from chatting things through with us at a fixed fee appointment.

I have bail conditions can I get them changed?

We may be able to vary or remove your bail conditions. This is something we can advise you about in a fixed fee appointment.

What happens if I am charged with rape?

You will get a court date to attend at the Magistrates Court but your case will then be sent to the Crown Court for trial. You will need expert legal advice and representation which Johnson Astills crime team can provide. This will ensure that you are in the best possible position to deal with this charge.

I am on police bail after being arrested for a sexual offence how can Johnson Astills help?

Johnson Astills offer a fixed fee appointment with a Solicitor where you can discuss the allegation, your response and what you can expect to happen next. Our solicitors are experts and have years of experience representing clients who face allegations of sexual offences. Johnson Astills crime team know that you need assistance to navigate this unfamiliar territory and we will be there to support you at every stage.

If you find yourself facing any offence it is vital to contact a solicitor as soon as possible to obtain expert legal advice. Representation at the police station is free, and legal aid may be available for your case at the Magistrates’ and Crown Court. For matters which do not qualify for legal aid, we offer fixed fees for appointments and representation.

For further information, or to arrange a fixed fee appointment, please call our Leicester office on 0116 255 4855 or our Loughborough office on 01509 610 312, or fill in our free online enquiry form and one of our friendly team will be in touch.