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'Domestic Abuse register to tackle violence against women.'

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Perpetrators of domestic violence could be made to sign a register if Labour wins power, the party has announced.

Shadow Justice Secretary Steve Reed has said that perpetrators of domestic violence would be monitored in the same way as sex offenders. Perpetrators convicted of serial offences and stalking, would have to give personal details to the police and notify them of any change of circumstances.

This plan would help tackle the ‘epidemic of violence’, against women and girls, and would allow the Police and Law Enforcement better monitoring of perpetrators and help in identifying offending patterns more quickly.

Figures recorded by the Police in England and Wales, show that domestic violence offences increased by nearly 10% to 909,504 incidents in 2022, and the number of stalking and harassment offences increased by 15% into the year 2022.   

Police also recorded the highest recorded annual figure for rape offences in 2021 of 67,125, however, there has been a 70% fall in rape offences prosecutions, with only 1 in 100 perpetrators being prosecuted.

The plan also suggests that there will be a pledge to set up specialist rape courts, to speed up justice for victims and provide them with dedicated support, providing a dedicated Court room in every Crown Court in England and Wales. Independent Sexual Violence Advisors would be hired at each Court to provide specialist trauma training to support victims.

Currently, criminals are repeatedly let off, whilst victims are being let down. Tackling the epidemic of violence against women and girls, by improving monitoring of domestic abuse perpetrators, ensuring longer jail terms for rape offences and more rights for victims.

The Shadow Justice Secretary voiced, ‘its time to put those suffering at the hands of the offenders first.’

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