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A better way to divorce

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At Emery Johnson Astills, our experienced family team know that going through a separation or marriage breakdown can be extremely stressful. Our team are on hand to make the process easier and guide you through it. Our family team are committed in resolving matters in the quickest and most cost efficient way for you.

It is known that divorce proceedings can take a long time due to the current back log the Courts are facing. Emery Johnson Astills are currently involved in the HMCTS Pilot for online divorces. This allows us to get divorce petitions processed quicker than applications made on paper.

As well as the process of the divorce, which is the ending of the marriage, many couples have to resolve issues surrounding the joint finances which have been accumulated during the marriage which requires a settlement to be reached. There are many options and different routes that can be taken to reach this settlement. Resolving the finances is often the costly element when starting divorce proceedings and that is why at Emery Johnson Astills we promote and encourage taking the options that keep the costs down and keep the parties out of court.

The options include:

Our solicitors have the experience of conducting complex cases and providing excellent legal representation. They have the knowledge to be able to resolve matters without the need of making applications to the Court. On occasions where matters can’t be resolved outside of Court, our solicitors are equipped with the skills to accompany you through the process with the reassurance that you will achieve a positive outcome.

When matters get complicated, which they often can, our solicitors will be on hand to explain every stage of the process to you and ensure you are able to make informed decisions.

If you are considering a divorce or currently going through a separation and want an expert team to support you from start to finish, do not hesitate to contact our Family Team today.

If you would like further advice and information about divorce and finances, contact a member of the Family Team and Emery Johnson Astills. Our dedicated team are available on 0116 255 4855 (Leicester) and Loughborough (01509 610 312) or email