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British Court recognises Sharia Law

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The High Court has made a ruling recognising Sharia Law for the first time in a British Court. This could change the way Islamic marriage and divorce works in the UK.

Mr Khan and Mrs Akhtar’s marriage ceremony was conducted in a ceremony called a nikah. Previously this has not been recognised in the UK as a valid marriage. The Court heard that the nikah ceremony took place in 1998 before 150 guests. Since then the couple have lived together as man and wife and treated each other as such.

The Judge in the High Court has ruled that this marriage is subject to the British matrimonial law and as such Mrs Akhtar is able to petition for divorce in the UK and claim her share of the assets of her marriage.

This ruling is likely to have significant implications for women who marry under Sharia Law as they could have identical rights to those married under UK law. This means that they would have the right to divorce their husbands and split the marriage assets.

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