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Is getting a divorce your New Year's Resolution?

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Monday 7th January 2019 is known as ‘Divorce Day’.  Legal firms across the country will see a surge in queries from spouses planning to break up in 2019. Statistics on divorce regularly reveal a spike in the number of people separating in the month of January. So what is it about this gloomy month that causes people to separate?

Over the Christmas period, there will have been a lot of financial stress associated with the large expenses that families encounter, as well as couples spending more time in each other’s company. In a recent survey it has been shown that financial pressure is often a leading cause of divorce, along with working long hours, domestic responsibilities and not spending enough time together. There will have also been more time spent with in-laws which for some, may not have been a pleasant experience. Relationships which are already showing cracks will likely buckle under the added pressure and expense that Christmas has left. In many households, a higher consumption of alcohol can result in volatile behaviour and sometimes domestic abuse.

There is rarely one isolated incident that causes a spouse to pursue a divorce (except in the case of infidelity). It could be a spouse may have been considering divorce for some time, but preferred to wait until after Christmas and the New Year before initiating a separation, particularly where children are involved.

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