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What is a Pre-proceedings meeting?

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Are you a parent and have you received a letter from the Local Authority asking you to attend a Pre-proceedings meeting? If you have, our specialist team at Emery Johnson Astills can help you.

A Pre-proceedings meeting means that the Local Authority are concerned about the care of your children and are considering taking the matter to Court. The Local Authority may seek an Interim Care Order or an Interim Supervision Order in respect of your children. It is important that you attend the Pre-proceedings meeting with a legal representative so that they can advise you accordingly.

Representation at these meetings is free of charge, as non-means non-merits Legal Aid is available to a parent or person with parental responsibility for a child who is the subject of the intended proceedings when the Local Authority has given written notice of the potential to issue Care Proceedings.

These types of meetings are usually chaired by a Team manager and other professionals will be in attendance such as your Social worker, Local authority legal representative and a minute taker. At the meeting the Local Authority will make their intentions clear and this will depend on the immediate risk of harm to the children involved.

As a parent while you are in the Pre-proceedings stage you are given the opportunity to engage with the Local Authority and address their concerns. It is important to understand that should you make the necessary changes, the intentions of the Local Authority may change.

If you would like advice and assistance on this matter please contact our Care Team at Emery Johnson Astills on 0116 255 4855.