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What can I do as an executor to make sure I find the most recent Will and details of all assets and liabilities in an estate?

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If you are acting as an Executor or Administrator you have a legal obligation to ensure you have found and dealt with all of the assets in the estate of the deceased and that you are proving and administering the correct Will. There are various searches that can be undertaken to help and protect you. Our Solicitors at Johnson Astills can assist with preparing these.

Lost or Dormant Assets

If you are unsure if there are any unknown assets our solicitors recommend and can assist with preparing an asset search. Within 28 days of the search we  will receive a report of any unidentified or dormant assets and will report the results to you. At  Johnson Astills, we work with a company who prepare an informative summary of their asset searches and forward any notifications of assets they receive to our Solicitors to review for any further investigations as required

Will search

It is your responsibility as an Executor or Administrator to ensure the most recent Will is proved. Where it is believed an individual has died intestate, before following the Intestacy rules we would strongly advise that a Will search is completed. Our Solicitors at Johnson Astills can explain the benefits of carrying out a Will search and how it can protect you in relations to negligence claims by disappointed beneficiaries.

Statutory Advertisements

You may have seen the Public Notices section in your local newspaper. Placing Statutory advertisements invites any claims from unknown beneficiaries and creditors. The notices are usually placed in the local paper and also the London Gazette to ensure that you deal with all liabilities/claims before distributing the estate.  Our wills and probate solicitors at Johnson Astills can arrange Statutory Notices on your behalf