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Emily Jones

Can I get Legal Aid to Contest a Special Guardianship Order?

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What is a Special Guardianship Order? A Special Guardianship Order (SGO) is a long lasting, Private Law Order, made by the Family Court. The Order appoints one or more individuals to become the child’s ‘Special Guardian.’ This gives...

Can my Legal Representative attend a Child Protection Conference with me?

  • Posted

What is a Child Protection Conference? A Child Protection Conference is a multi-agency meeting arranged by the Local Authority. The purpose of the conference is for family members and professionals involved in a child’s life to share...

What is a Child Assessment Order?

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If the Local Authority are concerned about a child’s health, development or the way that they are being treated, but do not feel that there is an immediate risk to them, they may request that various assessments are undertaken. These assessments are...

My children are in foster care, can I get them back?

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What is a Foster Carer? Foster Carers can offer children a safe and loving home when they are not able to remain with their birth parents. Why have my children been placed into Foster Care? Children may live with foster carers on a short or...