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Rachel  Gaffney

Can the DVLA Revoke my Driving Licence?

  • Posted

Why would the DVLA revoke my licence? UK law requires motorists to notify the DVLA of any medical condition which could impair their ability to drive. Medical reasons can include but are not limited to: ...

Holidays are Approaching...

  • Posted

The Christmas season is fast approaching and the party season is well underway. Christmas drink drive campaigns may be starting to appear from local police forces. This will mean that once again police will be targeting drink drivers. Forces will prepare for...

I was sat in my car after drinking - am I guilty of a Criminal Offence?

  • Posted

Can I be arrested for sitting in my car drinking ? Yes if you are sitting in the driver’s seat or are close to your car as if you are about to get in and drive it, the police can arrest you for being drunk in charge of a vehicle. Can I be...

What is an application for Exceptional Hardship?

  • Posted

An application for exceptional hardship can be made when a driver has accumulated 12 or more penalty points on their licence within any 3 year period, resulting in the Court determining whether they are to be disqualified from driving under the totting up...