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Rhian Williams

Happy 3rd Anniversary - Domestic Abuse Act 2021.

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Four years after the domestic abuse bill was first promised in the late Queen’s speech in 2017, it finally became law on the 30 th April 2021. The act further improves the effectiveness of the Justice system, providing protection for victims of...

No Pride in Domestic Abuse.

  • Posted

Approximately 25% of people in the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender community suffer from Domestic Abuse within relationships. However, it is considered that domestic abuse within these communities is underreported, as the persons are fearful that...

Love Bombing - attention today, abuse tomorrow

  • Posted

As of 24 th April 2023, Love Bombing is now recognised by the Crown Prosecution Service as a sign of emotional abuse in the UK, but what is Love Bombing and what are the signs? Love Bombing is often disguised as excessive flattery; showering with...

'Domestic Abuse register to tackle violence against women.'

  • Posted

Perpetrators of domestic violence could be made to sign a register if Labour wins power, the party has announced. Shadow Justice Secretary Steve Reed has said that perpetrators of domestic violence would be monitored in the same way as sex offenders....

Angel Lynn - Coercive Control

  • Posted

Angel Lynn was in an abusive relationship with Chay Bowskill. On 17 th September 2020, Angel was kidnapped by Bowskill. Bowskill was captured on CCTV chasing Angel down a street following an argument. He was seen to grab her from behind and she was forced...

Time limit for charges for Common Assault

  • Posted

There is currently a six-month time limit for a charge to be brought against someone for common assault. The BBC recently revealed that 13,000 cases in England and Wales have been dropped in the last 5 years, due to exceeding the time limit. Currently,...

It's coming home. Oh no, sorry, it's not

  • Posted

It’s not coming home and I wish you weren’t either. Euros 2020. The highlight of year. Gareth Southgate leading our boys in white to the final. 120 minutes of white-knuckle entertainment, to see Italy win at the final hurdle. Unlucky. Unluckier...