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Building Safety Act 2022

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Following the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017, the government aimed to reform building safety legislation through the introduction of the Building Safety Act 2022. The act is up to 260 pages and contains 6 parts. Various consultations have taken place to highlight the effects for the entire industry.  The Act affects all types of buildings including all buildings containing 2 or more residential units. The Act has enforced amendments to the Landlord and Tenants Acts 1985 and 1987 that consist of exclusions and additions from things such as service charges for building safety costs. The new regulations include the following requirements:

  • A new Building Safety Regulator to supervise the operation of the new requirements.
  • A Building Safety Certificate to show compliance with the new regulations.
  • For high-rise buildings to have an appointed Building Safety Managers
  • Service of a Leaseholders Deed of Certificate and Landlord’s certificate for qualifying leases

What does this mean for Conveyancing Solicitors?

For conveyancing solicitors across the nation, leasehold purchase transactions will require a greater level of due diligence when acting on behalf of their clients.

Before proceeding with the transaction, conveyancing solicitors will have to make sure that they acquire all the information regarding the safety of the building and must make sure that this information is compliant with the new regulations set out in the Act.

How can we help you at Johnson Astills?

The property law team at Johnson Astills appreciate that you have countless practical considerations including pressing timescales and it might be easy to view conveyancing as a simple and straightforward exercise.

However, property is a significant long-term investment and, with so much at stake, expert specialist conveyancing can make the difference between a safe transaction or a long-term liability.

That’s why Johnson Astills’ conveyancing solicitors approach every transaction as if it were their own. With extensive experience, we’ve seen most contractual pitfalls and can explain the finer details of complex clauses to ensure that you know exactly what is or should be included or be excluded from your property contract and what your obligations might be.

Our Property Team at Johnson Astills can assist you if you are looking to sell or purchase a property. Please call us on 0116 255 4855.