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New Property Information Form (TA6) and what it means for Sellers.

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Property Information Forms (TA6) form part of the draft contract pack that is sent to the buyer's solicitors on the sale of the property.    The seller is required to complete the form and all replies given must be accurate.   When choosing whether or not to purchase a property, buyers rely on the contents of this Form.

The Law Society published the TA6 (Fifth Edition) Property Information Form in March 2024 and from the 25th June 2024 it will be mandatory for all firms which accredited to the Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) to utilise this form. 

The TA6 form has been updated to ask the seller to provide more detailed information about the property at the beginning of the transaction.   The buyer should then be able to have an extensive understanding of the property's condition and decide for themselves whether or not to purchase it. There is hope that greater transparency will result in fewer last-minute sales falling through.

The new Property Information Form has been split into two parts.

Part 1: This contains essential information needed by estate agents for marketing purposes. Some examples of additional details include a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN), council tax band, utilities and services, cost of parking permits, flood risk, outstanding building work or approval, notices and proposals and restrictive covenants that restrict the use of the property.

Part 2: This contains supplementary questions to assist the conveyancing process. Some examples here include boundaries, disputes and complaints, alternations/ planning/ building works to the property, consents which may have been needed, guarantees and warranties, insurance and occupiers.

The Law Society has published a set of guidance notes which provide assistance on completing the new TA6 form.

There are many questions where the possible answers are "yes," "no," or "not as far as the seller is aware”, and by responding to the enquiries in this way the seller is deemed to have carried out reasonable checks in providing these answers.  In addition,  sellers are required to let their Solicitor know if any responses you have made change before the contracts are exchanged.

When sellers complete the TA6 form they are making statements that the information contained in the form is all correct and accurate. If you provide the answers which are not true, or you withhold any information which you are aware of, you could be sued for misrepresentation.

Here at Johnson Astills, we are excited to see the benefits of the new TA6 form and we look forward to helping our present and future clients complete it.

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