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Forced Marriage Solicitors

Fighting Forced Marriage

Unlike an arranged marriage in which supportive families help match suitable partners who then choose to marry freely, a forced marriage may involve physical or emotional pressure or abuse and does not have the valid consent of both partners.

At Johnson Astills we can help you to ask the Family Court to make a Forced Marriage Protection Order if you think you are at risk of a forced marriage against your will.

Forced Marriage Protection Order 

There are only certain County Courts designated to deal with these applications. Leicester County Court is one of them.  An order can be obtained without having to notify anyone else.  The Court can also give permission for a third party eg sister to apply for an order on behalf of a victim to

  • prevent a forced marriage
  • require the handover of passports
  • stop intimidation and violence
  • reveal the whereabouts of a person
  • prevent someone from being taken abroad

A Forced Marriage Protection Order can also help remove you from a forced marriage which has already taken place. At Johnson Astills your family solicitor can then help you to obtain an annulment or divorce to legally end your marriage.

Whether you are a victim or you know someone who is, contact Johnson Astills for immediate help and protection. We speak a wide range of languages in-house and regularly advise clients worldwide by phone, email and online, so no matter where you are, you can benefit from our expert support.