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Helen Johnson

I have been arrested for rape what happens now?

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Being arrested for rape or any sort of sexual offence can be a terrifying experience. Having been through the turmoil of an arrest and interview you find yourself bailed to return to the police station. Of course, you are relieved that you have not been...

Sexual Offences & Sexsomnia (Sex while you sleep)

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WHAT IS SEXSOMNIA? Sexsomnia is sexual behaviour while asleep. It is recognised in both sleep disorder and psychiatric classifications. Sexsomnia occurs when the brain is disassociated or partially disassociated and covers a wide range of sexual...

Fail to Provide Driver Details - Company Prosecutions

  • Posted

Does a Company have to provide details of their drivers’ (s172 notice)? If a vehicle is registered at DVLA as being owned by a Company then the Company must provide details of the driver's identity. How is driver information requested? The...