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Child Abduction & International Divorce Solicitors

If your partner lives abroad, this does not prevent you from seeking a divorce or financial remedy. Equally, if you live outside of the UK, Johnson Astills family solicitors in Leicestershire can still act on your behalf.

We increasingly represent clients whose children are at risk of being, or who have already been abducted or taken abroad by a partner or former partner.

If your child has been removed without your consent, urgent action is necessary, contact us right away

At Johnson Astills your solicitor can work with the legal administration in other countries and the High Court to represent you to either secure the return of your child or to prevent their removal.

We are highly experienced in this field and you can be confident that, even in such extreme circumstances that we can act quickly and efficiently to put orders in place.

If you believe your child(ren) to be at risk of abduction by your partner, contact your Johnson Astills solicitor immediately who will apply for orders to offer your children maximum protection.