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Making a Will

Planning for a future where you are no longer around is never easy but, by making a Will, you can ensure that your wishes are followed and family taken care of after you pass away. Our specialist Will writing solicitors can work alongside you to draft a Will that makes your intentions legally binding.

Making a Will provides certainty and gives you the peace of mind of knowing exactly how your money, property and other assets will be dealt with after your death. If you die without making a Will (dying intestate), your estate may not be divided in exactly the way you would like and could lead to legal disputes between your loved ones.

At Johnson Astills, our Will writing service makes the process of lifetime planning as straightforward as possible. We will work alongside you, providing detailed explanations so you can make an informed decision about how you would like your estate to be distributed. As a part of our service, we will also provide you with basic Inheritance Tax advice.

If you are looking for any advice on making a Will, get in touch with one of our offices in Leicester and Loughborough, email legal@johnsonastill.com or fill in our online enquiry form.

Our Will Writing Expertise

We provide a comprehensive Will writing service that will allow you to move on with your life, safe in the knowledge that your family will be looked after when you die. We are able to offer fixed fee Will writing packages to the majority of our clients, which means you will have a clear understanding of the costs involved in the process before you move ahead.

Our highly skilled Will solicitors have experience helping a variety of clients with various types of Wills, from straightforward to complex documents. We also advise on the incorporation of Trust arrangements and how this would affect your Will (for example, leaving a Trust fund to your grandchildren to inherit once they turn 18).

Our team can also provide detailed advice on mirror Wills (also referred to as joint Wills).

Usually made by couples, these are two separate Wills that are mostly identical. The most common type of mirror Will is when a couple chooses to first leave everything to each other and then to their children and/or grandchildren.

Making a Will FAQs

Why should I make a Will?

There are countless reasons why you should consider making a Will as soon as possible. Many people put off making a Will until it is too late, which means they die intestate. The Rules of Intestacy could mean your estate will not be distributed as you would wish.

Making a Will ensures that:

  • Your estate is distributed exactly how you would like
  • Your loved ones are properly provided for
  • The administration process is easier for your loved ones
  • The Inheritance Tax due on your estate can be reduced
  • Family disputes are less likely
  • You can appoint people you trust to be your executors

How do I go about making a Will?

A Will can be drawn up at any time and follow any type of format, so long as it is signed by you and witnessed as required by law. However, Wills that are drawn up without the guidance of a solicitor run the risk of being deemed invalid, especially as it could contain conflicting instructions that can be challenged by family members in court.

If you are planning to make a Will, our Will writing solicitors can guide you through the process, clearly explaining everything that needs to be included to help you meet the necessary conditions.

As a part of the process, we can help you to appoint a trusted executor who will carry out your wishes after you die. We can also act as a professional executor if you do not wish to appoint a family member or friend.

What is the cost of making a Will?

The exact cost of making a Will entirely depends on your individual circumstances and any specific issues that need to be considered. However, we are able to work with the majority of our clients on a fixed-fee basis, which means there will be full transparency about the likely costs involved.

If there are likely to be any additional costs, you will be made aware of this at the soonest possible opportunity so that arrangements can be made.

What should you consider when writing a Will?

There a number of factors you will need to consider when you are making a Will that extend beyond simply leaving money and assets to different family members.

You will also have to consider factors such as:

  • What will happen to your home
  • What arrangements should be made for your children
  • Any donations to charity
  • Business succession plans
  • Choosing an appropriate executor

What happens if you die in the UK without a Will?

If you die in the UK without making a Will, you die intestate. This means that only married or civil partners and some other close relatives such as your children will be able to inherit from your estate under the Rules of Intestacy. This is also the case if you make a Will that is entirely legally invalid.

For example, unmarried partners, close friends, or carers will have no right to inherit from your estate after you die. It is therefore essential that you create a Will that makes provisions for anyone who would otherwise not inherit.

Why choose our Will service solicitors?

Our Will making solicitors strive to provide a first-class service, making the process as straightforward as possible for you. Our priority is to make sure that fully understand all of the options available to you so you can make informed decisions about how you would like to proceed.

As a firm, we are members of the Law Society Lexcel Accreditation Scheme for our high standards of client care and practice management. Jane Hinds is a fully qualified member of Solicitors for the Elderly and Jessica Huczmann is an associate member. Both Jane and Jessica are associate members of the Alzheimer’ Society.

Johnson Astills is independently regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

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