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Drink Driving

Drink driving can result in serious consequences. We’re not just talking a few points on your licence; you will likely face a driving ban and possibly even a prison sentence. If you’ve been accused of a drink driving offence, having a specialist driving offence solicitor on your side can be life-changing.

At Johnson Astills, we help people facing serious driving offences, providing practical legal advice and support to reduce the impact on your life.

We can assist with all drink driving cases, including:

  • Driving with excess alcohol
  • Failure to provide a specimen
  • Being drunk in charge
  • Causing serious injury by dangerous or careless driving while under the influence of drink
  • Causing death by dangerous or careless driving while under the influence of drink

We’re recognised as one of the top 3 driving offence solicitors in Leicester for our strong track record of success, excellent client feedback, and reasonable pricing.

We’ve also been awarded the Law Society Criminal Litigation Accreditation reflecting the high quality of our criminal defence services.

Our Head of Crime, Michelle Harding, leads a highly experienced team of lawyers, accredited police station representatives and higher court advocates. We can represent you at every stage of your case, from the moment you’re arrested to any court hearings in the Magistrates’ Court, Crown Court, Youth Court and appeal courts. This means that you have consistent service from lawyers you can trust, knowing they have your best interests at heart at all times.

Michelle has over 15 years’ experience in the Johnson Astills team. Our team also includes Managing Director, Helen Johnson, who has over 30 years’ post-qualification experience. So, your case will always supervised by someone with the right level of experience for your case.

We know exactly how these types of offences can affect your life, from preventing you to work to ruining your reputation. We also know what steps to take to minimise the impact, including developing strong defence strategies and arguing special reasons.

We undertake both Legal Aid and privately funded work, including fixed fees wherever possible.

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How our drink driving offence solicitors can help you

Driving or attempting to drive with excess alcohol

It is a criminal offence to drive or attempt to drive a motor vehicle on a road or in a public place while exceeding alcohol limits on your breath or in your blood or urine.

Drink driving carries an automatic driving disqualification and a possible prison sentence and unlimited fine. However, there are steps you can take to try to minimise the impact of drink driving allegations. We can represent you in such cases, including advising on your legal rights and putting forward arguments of special reasons for the offence.

Failure to provide a specimen

Drink driving is one of the few offences where you must provide a specimen, such as cooperating with a breathalyser test or providing a specimen of blood or urine for analysis.  If you don’t, you could face prosecution for failure to provide.

However, while such cases may seem cut-and-dry, you are often able to raise a challenge. For example, where you have a reasonable excuse not to provide a specimen.

You have vital legal rights when being dealt with by the authorities. The police must follow the proper procedure to obtain any evidence. If they don’t, they may be unable to use said evidence against you.

Our role is to ensure your rights are protected and provide advice about your options for defending any allegations of failure to provide.

Drunk in charge

It often comes as a surprise that you can be charged with a drink driving offence even if the police did not catch you actually driving. For example, if you are holding car keys and sitting in your car while under the influence of alcohol, you could be accused of being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle.

Being drunk in charge may not appear to be as dangerous as drink driving, but conviction can have serious consequences, including a driving ban, a fine and a prison sentence. So, having a motoring offence specialist on side to defend you is essential.

Causing serious injury or death by dangerous or careless driving while drunk

Causing death or serious injury by careless or dangerous driving are the most serious types of driving offence you can be convicted for, carrying a maximum prison sentence of up to 14 years. Being drunk or under the influence of drugs can make the situation even worse, putting suspects at risk of receiving the harshest penalties.

Having a driving offence lawyer on side to tackle the allegations head-on and build the strongest possible defence is essential. We know just how frightening it can be to face allegations of causing someone serious injury or death. We’ll support you through this difficult time, ensuring your legal rights are safeguarded every step of the way.

Other impairment driving offences

We can also assist with all other types of impairment driving offence, such as:

  • Drug driving while under the influence of recreational or prescription drugs.
  • Dangerous driving due to lack of sleep.
  • Driving while medically unfit – for example, where you are required to notify DVLA of a medical condition or disability, you have been told not to drive by a medical professional and/or you don’t meet the required standards of driving.

Our drink driving legal fees

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